Your home project is a priority for us. Our experienced and certified electricians can repair, maintain and install what you need. We are electricians and consultants who are here to find you the best solution and make sure your home is safely powered right.


Full electrical installation: Install and completely wire your whole home, additions, basements and more.

Electrical rewiring: Rewire knob and tube, aluminum wires and your overall system to fit updated safety standards and optimize a smarter, future-proof setup.

Panel inspection and updates: Upgrade your electrical panel, sub panels and breakers to ensure safety and efficiency. 

Outdoor wiring and service: Install special wiring outdoors for lighting, hot tubs and pools, and service for any repairs or maintenance. 

Inspections and permits: Rest assured if you need any type of inspection or project permit approvals, our highly certified electricians take care of it all.


Smart home wiring, setup and service: Centralize your wiring to one location and easily setup smart home systems for home automation and future add-ons.

Eco-retrofit electrical: Transform your home into an energy-efficient and environmental-friendly electrical system to reduce costs and overuse.

Electrical car (EV) charger installation and service: Install the charging system for your electrical car, professionally, for a long lasting setup.

Solar panel installation and service: Save the environment and costs by professionally installing solar panels to your electrical system.

Energy rebate processing: Sit comfortably as our certified electricians process energy rebates after any eco-friendly upgrades.


Interior lighting: Install fixtures like pot lights or chandeliers, in the ceiling, under kitchen cabinetry, bathrooms, garages or anything else you need.

Exterior lighting: Install exterior pot lights, front and back entrance lights, and more. 

All outdoor lighting: Install landscape lights like walkways, gardens, front yards, pools, hot tubs, and more.

Smart lighting: Access your lights and energy efficiency settings from any device at home or on the road, by connecting it to a online hub. 


Generator installation and service: Install or repair generators to make sure you have a a back-up system ready when there’s a power outage.

Surge protection solutions: Protect your home’s electrical system and appliances from sudden surges and outages.

Other preventative solutions: Consult with us to find out what other solutions can help prevent and remedy power outages.


24/7 emergency service calls: Call us for any emergency repair or maintenance at any time of the day — we are at your service.

All electrical service and repairs: Trust our certified electricians to install, upgrade, service or repair any electrical project, big or small — we do it all.

Certified inspection service and code upgrades: Contact us for safety or pre-purchase inspections to evaluate the system and if it meets safety codes.

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