We have 10+ years of experience planning, designing and building electrical systems in the commercial and industrial sector. We prioritize safety, health and your budget, so you’re powered right for maximum efficiency, operationally and financially.


Full electrical installations, repairs and panel upgrades: Install a complete electrical system, remove and rewire old systems, upgrade all panels, and more for all commercial and industrial properties. 

Project consultation to full design-builds: Design and build sustainable and efficient systems for warehouses, offices, retail plazas, house and condo developments.

Data and network installations and service: Connect servers and full network stacks by properly planning layouts, connections, and efficient cooling system to prevent downtime and overheating.


Eco-retrofit commercial properties: Transform your properties into an energy-efficient and environmental-friendly electrical system to reduce costs and consumption.

Smart building planning and setup: Consult with us how to design and build a wireless system to monitor usage, optimize consumption, reduce costs, and remotely manage your utilities and security system.

Electrical car (EV) charger stations: Install EV stations for customers to drive traffic and add another revenue stream.

Solar panel installation and service: Save the environment and operation costs by professionally installing solar panels to your electrical system.

Energy rebate processing: Trust our certified commercial electricians to process energy rebates for your development or restoration projects.to drive 


Commercial and industrial lighting: Plan and install lighting for retail, offices, warehouses, parking lots, neighbourhoods, and emergency/safety lights.

Smart lighting: Connect your lighting system to a smart system hub for remote monitoring and control, and program motion and time settings for a more energy and cost efficient system.


Industrial back-up generators: Install full-power industrial generators when there are possible outages to prevent business downtime and maintain a reliable customer experience.

Surge protection solutions: Protect your equipment, machines and any other high-value assets from sudden surges and outages.

safety inspections, code compliance and energy audits: Contact us for full commercial safety inspections and energy audits for a safer and more efficient electrical flow.

Fire alarm installation and testing: Inspect, test, install and repair fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire signs and more to keep your properties up to code.


24/7 emergency service calls: Call us for any emergency repair or maintenance at any time of the day — we are at your service.

Electrical maintenance contracts: Team up with us for your commercial or industrial properties as our accredited maintenance program ensures your power is always on.

All electrical service and repairs: Trust our certified commercial electricians to install, upgrade, service or repair any electrical project, big or small — we do it all.

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